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NGN 50,000
Baby general wears
Electronic Toys
Educational toys
CRIB Toy supplier
Baby bath toy suppliers
Female kid dresses
Indoor Climbers & Play Structure
Car seat & Trolley
Male kid Suppliers

Human Hair / Hair Blend & Synthetic

NGN 60,000
Human Hair Suppliers
Hair Blend Suppliers
Synthetic Hair Supplier
Attachment Supplier
Hair Accessories
Wig Stand / Mannequin Suppliers
Hair Tools

Kitchen & Bakery Equipment

NGN 40,000
Blenders & Airfryers
ice Cream Machines
Chafting Dishes
Pots & Granite Sets
Plate & Stainless Steel
Mixer & Bakery Ovens
Pantry Storage Suppliers

SPA & Salon Equipments

NGN 65,000
Professional Massage Equipment
Salon & SPA Tools
High Frequency Machine
SPA Storage System
Towel Warmers

Light & Chandeliers

NGN 40,000
Chandeliers Suppliers
Fancy Lighting Suppliers
Bathroom Lighting Suppliers
Smart Mirror Supplier
Security Lighting Suppliers
Hotel Chandelier Suppliers

Female Bags

NGN 40,000
Highend Bags Suppliers
Luxury Bag Suppliers
Clutch Purse Suppliers
Low End Bag Suppliers

Sex & Adult Toys

NGN 30,000
Male Masturbators
Female Sex Toys

Muslim Clothings

NGN 30,000
Male Clothings
Female Clothings

Female High Brands

NGN 45,000
Miyake Wears Vendor
Yami Wears Vendor
European Wears Vendors
Female Suit Vendors

Night Wear & Lingeries

NGN 30,000
Sexy Lingeries
Night Wears
Matching Pijamas
Home Wears


NGN 30,000
2 Luxury Glasses Vendor
Dope Glasses
Sun Shades

Luxury Wears

NGN 75,000
Kids Clothings
Kids Shoes
Female Bags
Female Shoes
Male Wears
Belt & Sunglases

Jewelry & Wristwatch

NGN 30,000
Necklace Suppliers
Wristwatch Suppliers
Earring Suppliers

Female Fashion

NGN 50,000
Female Dope Wears
Female Bags
Female Heels
Female Jewelries
Female Jeans
Female Underwear


NGN 80,000
Home Furniture
Kitchen & Dinning
Stationary Supplier
Bed Supplier
Office Furniture Supplier
Storage & Organization Supplier

Phone & Watch Accessories

NGN 35,000
iPhone Cases Suppliers
Android Cases Supplier
Phone Accessories
Watch Cases Supplier
Airpod Accessories

Influencing Tools

NGN 30,000
Ringlight Supplier
Phone Stands Supplier
Mini Microphone Supplier
Microphone Supplier

Home Gadget

NGN 60,000
Televisions Suppliers
Home Theater
Air Conditioner
Washing Machine
Standing Fan

High Kitchen Appliances

NGN 45,000
Dish Washer
Gas Cooker
Kitchen Vent

Bathroom Accessories & Organizer

NGN 60,000
Sink / Faucets
Toilet (WC)
Luxury Toilet Accessories
Luxury Bathroom Cabinet

Wedding Dress & Bridal Accessories

NGN 70,000
Wedding Gowns
Wedding decoration supplier
Brida Accessories
Branded Party Items Supplier

Interior & House Deco

NGN 45,000
Interior Decoration
Throw Pillow Suppliers
Carpet Vendors
Home Fragrance
Picture Frames

Packaging Materials & Equipments

NGN 35,000
Cosmetic Packaging Supplier
Packaging bags Suppliers
Packaging & Sealing Machine
Kraft Paper Suppliers
Bottle Suppliers
Filling Machines Suppliers

Customized Supplier

NGN 35,000
Let us know what you want to customize, We can get you a vendor for anything you want to customize.


In any situation whereby you do not want to buy the full supplier contact on each category, You can order a specific supplier niche of your choice.


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